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About Us


Native American Cultural Association of Oregon (NACAO) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Our mission is to assist the Native American and veteran communities of Oregon. Our nonprofit helps people access unrealized benefits and cultural resources. NACAO assists with collaboration on the native and veterans community groups to work together. NACAO also collaborates with other groups on resource networking and building a database covering services for veterans and Native Americans in Oregon. 

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Color Guard


The color guard is for providing flags at funerals, memorials, native events, veterans events, parades, public and private events. 

Video Production

 The video production is to help with video recording of native and veteran events in the state of Oregon. We may also assist other groups in documenting other types of events for community groups in the state of Oregon. Many of the events will be broadcast on public broadcasting.  

Native Cultural Resources

This program is to assist the native and non native community in Oregon. This is needed to help all walks of life accuses the culture of the Native American people in Oregon and help them access cultural information. It also will help find and use people to help teach many aspects of the native culture. 

Native Hoop Magazine

 This magazine is one of the Native American premier magazines in North America. Native Hoop is an online magazine covering many aspects of the native culture. The magazine is published monthly.  

Native Referral

This program helps refer individuals to other  native programs and tribes in the state of Oregon. We also work with many groups in the state gathering resources to assist  individuals and other groups.

Veteran Referral

This program will help veterans and family members get the help they need. This program will refer veterans and family members to services they are requesting.  

Flutestock in Elkton

"Flutestock in Elkton" is a Native American flute festival in Elkton, Oregon. The festival is the last weekend in July every year. Participants come from all over North America to play flutes at this free event. 


Benefits of Giving

There are many benefits of giving, both tangible and intangible:

  • Tax deduction
  • Reduction (or elimination) of capital gains taxes
  • Investment in the long-term stability of the organization 
  • Satisfaction of helping future Native Americans and Veterans receive the help they need

Please make your  doations through the secure site paypals ("donate now" button below) 


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PO BOX 1424

Veneta, OR 97487

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Contact Us

Contact Us

Native American Cultural Association of Oregon

PO Box 1424, Veneta OR 97487

(541) 653-7983

Contact Info

Dean Armstrong            541-653-7983

President                    nacaonp@gmail.com

Head of Outreach

Wes Weathers                  541-514-9311

Color Guard            thundervoice77@gmail.com

Video Photography

Alby Thoumsin                541-914-9311

Flutestock Cordinator   alby@sperrytreecare.com